"Grind so hard in private that you make it look light, real light in public." 

I've trained Sam Masten since he was in the fifth grade. Even then, he had the work ethic of a dedicated college basketball player.  Sam is a unicorn; he has the rare combination of being a high motor player who's extremely skilled. I've never had to push Sam to go hard. His effort and focus were always on 100. 

During the summer of Sam's seventh-grade year, I almost went through the entire summer without getting upset with Sam. As a trainer I felt I was failing Sam, I literally went to the gym intent on finding something to be critical of Sam about, and I could never find anything. I thought I had set an impossible standard for Sam and every day he'd meet it.

Becuase of Sam's work ethic he was extremely successful early in his high school career. Despite his success, which included being selected as a first team all state player as a sophomore he still had critics. His critics assumed he would not be able to sustain his success and that he was not a consistent enough shooter.

Sam was frustrated because he knew he was working as hard as he absolutely could (and had been since the 5th grade) despite that it did not seem to be enough. We started a 6 AM shooting group. Sam attended religiously, because of a lack of attendance the gym I worked for abandoned the shooting program. Sam still went to the gym at 6 AM and got up shots on his own.

Sam just committed to Northern Colorado.  The coaching staff at UNC recognized what many others had not; they realized Sam's character is one million times better than his talent (and that's not easy for someone as talented as he is). Sam is the hardest worker on his team, he is a positive leader, Sam leads the state in high fives given, he had frequently donated his weekends to help me impact the lives of young athletes all over Colorado, he is a leader in our young athlete leadership bible studies and he lives in the gym.

Do they don't make many like Sam, I'm still trying to find a reason to be critical of Sam and have yet to find one. When you watch Sam play, and you see how easy he makes it look understand there were thousands of unseen hours in private. #slowgrindfortheculture