"Crash through glass ceilings, break through closed doors."


At this time a year ago Kaden Archie had little to no recruiting interest. Despite his growth as a player, he was not moving the needle. While Archie was not pleased with getting slept on, he was not discouraged and stayed on his #slowgrind.


He reached his breaking point when his dream school came to see him play during the high school season. Not only did they not offer Archie, they offered a player on the other team instead. Archie finally broke. He cried, he was mad at the world, he questioned himself, but he did not stop grinding. In fact, he rolled up his sleeves and worked even harder.


We live in a culture where many boys pose as men and are quick to inform the world that they are a "grown ass man"  but when the rubber meets the road, they will subtweet, complain and blame others instead of staying on the #slowgrind.


As it stands now, Archie is a major high recruit with scholarship offers from Kansas, LSU, Texas, Virgina amongst a host of others. Many look at Archie now and assume his path was easy, but they were not around for the tears, for the early mornings or the late nights, and for the #slowgrind.


While Archie is pleased with the accolades and scholarship offers that he has acquiesced it won't prevent him from continuing to be a "grown ass man" and #slowgrind4theculture.

 "Crash through glass ceilings, break through closed doors."