In our workouts, we want to be as efficient as possible. We want our workouts to improve skill level, get our players in basketball shape and work on the scoring with game tempo rhythm.

We accomplish this by our combo shooting series. We do our combo shooting players will take a series of shots that are game specific and at game tempo. Today was a three-piece combo which included a jump shot off of a drag screen we simulated the drag as if the defender was playing under which would prompt the office of player to shoot a three-pointer. The second piece was an elevator screen for three-pointer. The third and final piece was a wing iso vs a live defender the offensive player had to stay on the ball side of the floor and had four seconds to score.

We played to 5 on each side

  • 1/2 point for drag
  • 1/2 point for elevator
  • 1 point for wing iso vs defender

this was a two person workout so the players were winded the whole time, had to defend when winded and had to go straight from defense to offensive action, which mimics game like transitions.