I'm always challenging myself to come up with drills that will prepare my players to be effective offensive players at the highest level. I love this drill because it addresses many advanced skill levels at the same time. 

It addresses players dribbling with their eyes up, having a tight handle, having efficient foot work and change of speed, developing and maintaining offensive rhythm, anticipating and reading defenders and scoring and finishing off of the bounce at game speed.

In the drill we go players go down hill full speed taking a dribble covering as much ground as possible full speed and with out stopping or slowing down they will then dribble between their legs and then go behind their backs into a series of finishes and jump shots. The final stage of the drill the players have to read a defender as the come out of their behind the back dribble. Players must keep their eyes up the entire time and as they dribble they must keep their feet moving the entire time.

I have seen players make transformational changes with this drill in their handle, change of speed and confidence in ability to score in tight spaces.

Featured in this video is Q Rock a rising freshman at Smoky Hill (CO), Drick Bernstine a 6'9 junior forward at the University of North Dakota,  Josh Perkins a 6'2 sophomore point guard at Gonzaga University and Eric Garcia a 6'0 senior point guard at Wofford.