Kansas coach is frequently emphasizing "getting to the third side of the floor." As Frank Martin of South Carolina explains, if you can't attack early before the defense sets its defense then he hopes his team can either get a post touch and play inside out &/or get the ball to the third side. 

Here's the logic:

🏀Self will spend most days hammering home a point about ball movement, emphasizing that his team get the ball to the “third side” of the court. In translation: If Kansas can reverse the ball threes times in a possession, Self believes they’ll be in better position to take advantage of an opposing defense. 

🏀"That’s his big thing,” said sophomore Brannen Greene, who is shooting 50.9 percent from three-point range this season. “(It’s) getting the ball to the third side. Once you do that, it gives the defense a chance to break down, and that’s when they’re most vulnerable, and we can attack from there.”

🏀Frank Martin said on the Doug Gottlieb show that he either wants to score early (before the defense can set their defense) or late. 

🏀Martin explained, "If we have to play against a set defense we don't want to take a three unless the ball touches the paint and we want to get the ball to the third side of the floor."

🏀"Playing on the third side, means you make the defense go from help to strong side three different times, which creates separation, and then you attack it." Frank Martin

Frank Martin explains the significance of playing on the third side of the floor.

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