To prepare yourself to play at a high level, you must be diverse with your footwork and the position from which you shoot. You must work on hoping into your shot, one-two’n into your shot even one-two’n into your shot with the wrong foot.

As we are developing professional players, we make sure they get reps with various types of footwork and are shooting from different positions.

This clip illustrates my point. At the conclusion of our reps, we will read a defender and react accordingly.

-As I received the ball off of the Iverson cut I ripped through and sold the drive.
– The defender overcommitted to stopping the drive, which allowed me to rhythm into the jump shot
– I had to be ready and comfortable going into my shot. I had no time to bring my foot back, or stop my rip and set my shot. If I did a live defender would have recovered and taken away my shot.
– I also changed tempos in mid-rip to take defenders timing away, which gave me more time and space.

(Video) Work on shooting with different types of footwork into your shot