In order to work on Jimmer Fredette’s change of speed and getting his shot of quicker off the bounce we used a Spalding training aid to accelerate the development process.

  • I studied Damian Lillard’s transition pull ups
  • We warmed up with the footwork I broke down, slow dribble into an explosive stutter step
  • Similar to Lillard, Jimmer likes to use a bulldog crossover to rhythm into the pull up
  • The bulldog allows you to really be manipulative with your change of speed
  • We then did did the same slow to fast action in to pull ups
  • After we repped it out with the Spalding Lateral Resistor with weights we did the same with out the Spalding Training Aid
  • We concluded with Jimmer reading me and reacting accordingly out of the same action

Nick Graham Player Development

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