This is my second summer training Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer is determined to solidify himself on an NBA team and be a prominent guard in the teams normal rotation.

It’s an honor to be apart of the team of talented people that is going to assist him in his quest. As a player developer for NBA players your development must be tailored made for your client.

In Jimmer’s case he’s an electrifying scorer and a pure shooter. Similar to Steph Curry or Dame Lillard he is an amazing shooter off of the bounce from deep distances. Many NBA teams are focused on playing with pace and they emphasize threes. With Jimmer’s skill set he will be an ideal fit.

Our focus this week is the transition three off of the dribble. We are going to work on finishing with fast feet into pull-ups as well as playing at dramatically different speeds. In order to prepare I studied Damian Lillard’s transition threes.

-Clip 1
Lillard subtlety decelerates to get the defense to relax and then abruptly fires his feet to catch the defense off guard and explodes into a pull up three.

-Clip 2
Lillard pushes at a medium controlled speed before slightly raising with his eyes on the rim on a hesitation dribble before exploding into paint. Going into the move he knew an immobile big was attempting to stop him so he knew he could go at slower pace before exploding.

-Clip 3
He begins with pushing the ball at a medium controlled pace. As he approaches the three point line he makes a nonchalant cross over into his inside hand which appears harmless and again gets the defense to relax as the ball hits his inside hand he gives a hard stutter step that again catches the defense off guard and allows him to get a clean rhythm three.

-Clip 4
He gears down and locates the rim and again on the hesitation fires his feet before locating the rim with his eyes to get the defense to raise and then attacks the paint

-Clip 5
He pushes down hill pretty hard and his last few steps are even faster which allows him to read the defense, even though they are faster he makes significantly shorter strides which gets him under control going at a faster pace.

-Clip 6
Might just be the most impressive. As the ball is being swung to him he catches it a slower pace on purpose with his eyes on the rim, which gives the illusion to the defender that they can close out slow with their hands up and their hips higher. As soon as he touches the ball he explodes past the defender that was expecting a slow three point shot attempt.

-Clip 7
He sales a pull up with a subtle hesitation dribble with his eyes on the rim, before exploding into a quick and tight in and out crossover dribble.

-Clip 8
Pushes at a medium pace raises to sell a shot and again explodes into a fast in and out behind the back cross over in a really tight space. Notice how he is not afraid to accelerate at the point of attack going into the in and out and how shifty he is with his shoulders. I also love the high finish of the glass.

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