So many players have the skill set and toughness to create the angle or space to get downhill, but once they do they panic and second guess themselves.

When attacking downhill you can’t be a victim of paralyisis by analysis, which means you slow down to analyze what your next move is. By the time you slow down both your defender and the help defenders will recover to take away your scoring opportunity.

When attacking downhill off of the bounce you must first develop and then trust your instincts. I believe that if you get an angle to get down hill on a drive inside of the three point line you should be able to create one of the following; a clean look for a paint finish, create space for a jump shot, draw a foul or collapse the defense to create a rhythm 3 or a close out for you teammate.

To develop your instincts you must:

  • equip yourself with running lay ups and scoops with both the inside and outside hand
  • be able to finish a lay up or runner off of the wrong foot
  • be able to finish with both one foot and two-foot floaters
  •  be able to use the glass
  •  have the proper foot work and have enough body control to accelerate at the point of contact (think Russ Westbrook or Dame Lillard)
  • embrace contact and know how to use a defenders body against them
  • anticipate the defenders next movement
  • have a tight compact handle
  • be able to execute one leg jumpers close to the basket

In the video you can see a visual of a drill I did with my high level college players to develop the instincts. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need additional support.

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