As we pursue greatness, we must ask ourselves one simple question are we prepared to stay on the peaks of our lives?

An old man and a young dude were hanging out on a peak. As night fell the temperature dropped and it began to snow. The old man asked his young partner a simple question. “Are you prepared to stay on this peak? The young man replied I guess not, I was in such a hurry to get here I forgot to prepare for the trip, I failed to pack the essentials needed to remain up here when I was in the valley. 

I’ve heard that you should not let your talent take you places your character cannot keep you. As you are in the valleys of your pursuit of greatness make sure you take the time to bring the essentials needed to remain at the peak so you do not have to go back to the bottom to pick them up. 
Those keys include; character, humbleness, servant leadership, accountability, honesty and integrity, work ethic, patience, time management and a positive perspective.

It'd be a hell of a thing to spend years upon years relentlessly climbing to the mountain top only to have to go back down and grab an essential or two when I climb that mountain I only want to climb it once!

This blog was inspired from the book Peaks and Valleys. I’d suggest all athletes read this book, as well as all of the other books written by Spencer Johnson.

Peaks and Valleys provides it’s readers with the proper perspective of how to overcome the valleys of life as well as how to properly handle success as well. By properly handling success you assure that your success will be sustained over time. 
Nick Graham

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