Tough hard nosed player that plays like he has to prove himself. That’s dangerous for opponents with a player with the skill level he has. Very savvy and has great feel. His skill set allows him to have an answer for however you play him. He can shoot from deep, he’s fast and athletic with amazing body control, he has a great handle and he plays a dramatically different gears.

When you compare him to the other point guards in the league he may not be the best in any category, but he’s great in most, if not all categories. Steph’s the best shooter and scorer, but Dame is really really good. Westbrook is the best athlete and the fastest, but Dame is really really good. Dame may indeed be the best at changing speeds and being able to get into his shot under control out of explosive movements.

His well roundedness as a PG allows him to be very dangerous in the pick and roll. He’s pretty much un-guardable. He can pull up from well beyond the three, he can change directions, which allows to split and he can finish in the paint with runners or at the rim with finishes. He is also a willing and capable passer if the coverage dictates he passes.

Lillard also gets in to his attack pretty fast which allows him to not disrupt the offensive flow for his teammates. Players should admire his skill set and understand that comes from his relentless and focused work ethic, but they should also notice his constant aggressiveness.

Nick Graham

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