Cassius Winston 6’1 185 TOUGH COVER!!! Duke Elite Eight 2019 Edit

🏃🏾Active off the ball

⏩gets his feet set quick

👊🏾 Uses screens well off the ball 

☑️Great at advance passing the ball

☑️Great feel

☑️Scoring point guard, but keeps players engaged around him

☑️Gets players the ball in their kill zones

⏲️Great timing, makes the play at the right time.

🎨He can get in the paint at will, and once he gets in there he’s tough to stop, especially going left; he can finish, he can collapse and pass, stop and pop.

💪🏾 Strong, change of speed, crafty, herky-jerky and can shoot.

🤫Effective at using swipe against aggressive defenders.

🤯Uses defenders aggressiveness against them.

🐶A dog, aggressive all the time on and off the ball, defenders can never relax, KEEPS PRESSURE ON THE DEFENSE.