Giannis Antetokounmpo - Nick Graham Breakdown

Off the ball:

🏀High IQ


🏀Physical screener off of the ball which allows him to get touches in the paint and the block

🏀Amazing Body control

🏀Effective in tight spaces

👟 that along with his footwork in traffic

(slow steps, step-throughs utilizing his size and length with high pickups is extremely effective)

‼️He shots only 11% from the three, but only 20 percent of shots are jump shots because he knows how to get to where he wants on the court which is why he’s avg. 27 points on 57% shooting

🏀Effective on both the block and the mid-post

as well as free throw line down

‼️ obviously, his jump shot is a work in progress, but he can eat up space with his length and bully his way to his spots against smaller defenders, and get bigger defenders on their heels with his shiftiness and handle to get to his spots

‼️once he gets to his spots he does not need an angle, he can shot over anyone

🏀Another way they get him to his spots is by setting a ball screen on sagging defenders most often with a guard, so the defense has to switch a small on to him as he’s already going downhill, obviously, the defender has no chance.

🏀He truly is a position less player which makes him impossible to guard

❓Who are you going to guard him with and how are you going to guard him?

🏀Put a big on him, and he’s going to struggle when he serves as the point guard initiating offense

🏀Smaller defenders will struggle when he works in the paint posting up

🏀 Excellent and willing passer who forces defenses to collapse, he’s skilled, long and tall which means he can purposefully over penetrate and see over defenders and kick out to spot up shooters on time and on target

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