What makes Bradley Beal a bucket?

Overview: A lot to love about his game what makes him special is:

🏀Deep Range

🏀Polished Scorer

🏀Offensive feel/IQ

🏀Frame/build to go along with still be light on his feet and his herky-jerky change of speed


🏀He has an effort less stroke

🏀Shoot from deep off of the catch or off the bounce

🏀Great elevation on his jumper


🏀Tight Handle

🏀Stop and start efficiently, stop on a dime under control which is why he is able to create so much space on snatch backs and step backs

🏀His change of speed is so smooth like an expensive sports car

He does a lot at a high level:

🏀Deceptive look offs

🏀Uses that strong frame to finish with contact

🏀Has a good floater package out to ft line

🏀Physical down hill driver

His skill translates:

🏀True combo

🏀Can effectively play either guard position and possibly be a 3 in a small ball line up because of his strength and build

🏀makes good decisions as the ball handler on pick and rolls

🏀His feel off of pin downs is as good as it gets

🏀Great catch and shoot player who moves well off of the ball like Klay, but can get in his bag and create off the bounce when needed as well.

🏀Great ability to score with minimal dribbles

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