(coaches clicker)CJ McCollum Up Screen Scoring - Nick Graham Breakdown

Player Development Specialist Nick Graham breaks down CJ McCollum's ball screen scoring diversity. CJ’s bag is big and lacks nothing, he is effective scoring off ball screens because of his:
🏀Ability to smoothly change speeds
🏀Explode into fastest pace efficiently out of hesitations and slower tempos
🏀His ability to stop and pop out pass the NBA 3 at top speed
🏀patience and feel for what pace is needed
🏀In ’N Out downhill attack vs. big defender
🏀No non-sense physical downhill driver
🏀Deceptive look-offs
continually gets defenders on their heels
🏀diverse finisher has all of the runners and floaters and can finish vs. bigs
🏀knock down shooter
🏀tight ball handling which allows to split and reject screens when needed at 

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