It is my pleasure to assist with counseling and providing healthy and nutritional advice to you, in preparation for reaching your basketball destiny. Enclosed is a 48-hour Pre-Game Preparation plan that you can apply as you lead up to your game days. This is a  NBA Nutritional approach that involves balancing your diet for peak performance leading up to tip off.      
Beginning 48 hours prior t tip-off you will be fueling your Athletic body for Peak Performance, the Pre-Game objective for Game Day Performance is to enter into the the game with your body nutritionally balanced while carrying the least amount of mass or food content. This will insure you to be light on your feet, and able to withstand the intense cardiovascular activity that you will endure at the during competition. The 48 hours prior to tip-off are crucial to performing at the highest level on game day.
It has been my culinary philosophy with some of the greatest athletes on the planet, to send them into Athletic Competition with the highest margin of success, and competing with an Nutritional Edge over their opponents. 
Balanced with proper hydration and rest, here are my meal recommendations.
Two days before game day:
Today should be your heaviest meals over the next three days, I recommend Heavy Carbohydrates Pasta no cream sauces, a good amount of Starches like Rice, or Potatoes, accompanied with Animal Proteins like Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Shrimp, and lastly Beef Steak, no more than 8-10 ounces, I recommend all of the proteins be Baked, Broiled, or Pan Seared.
Complete your meals by 8:00 pm
One day before game day:
Today I recommend beginning your day with  16-20 ounce Protein Smoothie, a Lunch Salad with 4-6 ounces of Animal Protein like Chicken, Turkey, or Lean Sliced Beef, with a vinaigrette Dressing.
Dinner I recommend 4-6 ounces of fish with Brown Rice, steamed or sautÃed Green Vegetables, and plenty of water to complete the meal.
Complete your meals by 7:00 pm
Game Day: 
Game day breakfast:  no Cholesterol Egg breakfast with Fresh fruit  
Pre-game lunch:  High Protein Lunch Salad
Post-Game Meal: this is probably the most important meal of Game Day! After the rigorous game, your body now needs to replenish and restore the nutrients burned off, it's important to intake a High Carbohydrate meal with protein to reboot your system in preparation.
 "I Believe in the Athlete"
Chef D

Chef D has been featured on NBA TV. Chef D has fueled the athletic performance of several NBA players.