Spalding Training Intro

Spalding Shooting Level 1: Form Shooting

Using the Spalding 33 Inch Oversize Ball, Shot Arc™ and Universal Shot Trainer will help you perfect your form, making you a better shooter.

Spalding Shooting Level 2: Contested Shot

Keep the Shot Arc™ on the rim and rise to the challenge with the Shot Contester. Strap on the Spalding Smart Shot to improve your game-speed form.

Spalding Shooting Level 3: Separation

Always create space when you can. Set up the Spalding Universal Shot Trainer to practice your primary and secondary moves when driving.

Spalding Ball Handling Level 1: Fingertip Dribbling

Use the Spalding Dribble Goggles and Handle Sleeve™ to help you focus on your surroundings and take your dribbling to the next level.

Spalding Ball Handling Level 2: Passing

Revamp your passing drills with the Spalding 3lb. Basketball.

Spalding Ball Handling Level 3: Power Play

Test what you've learned in the first two levels by practicing at game speed and adding in the Spalding Blocking Pad to finish against contact.

Spalding Defense & Agility Level 1: Basic Slide

Lateral movement is crucial in defense. The Spalding Lateral Resistor will help you improve your stance and your form.

Spalding Defense & Agility Level 2: Alley Slide

Stick to your opponent. Keeping the Lateral Resistor on, this next drill will focus on your footwork while changing direction.

Spalding Defense & Agility Level 3: Slide Baby Slide

Anticipation is key in defense. Combine what you learned in the first two drills to keep the offensive player out of the paint.

Spalding Jumping & Rebounding Level 1: Quick Jump

The Spalding Jump Strength will challenge you while improving your rebounds and put backs.

Spalding Jumping & Rebounding Level 2: Power Painter

Combine the Jump Strength with the Spalding 3lb Ball to boost your second and third jumps in the paint.

Spalding Jumping & Rebounding Level 3: One-Leg Jumpers

The Spalding Jump Strength will help you master the one-leg jumper, so you can knockdown shots on the move.