📓God has a recipe for your life, your basketball career and every other thing that matters in your life. (Jer 29:11)

😒While knowing that God has the perfect recipe for our success is encouraging, we must also be prepared for the flour.

🎂Similar to cooking a cake, several ingredients are needed, and not all of them will taste as sweet as frosting. For example, flour. Flour taste terrible on its own, but it’s an ingredient that cannot be compromised if you want to maximize the cakes potential. 

❗️Most uberly successful people claim that the absolute worst moments of their life contributed to the most triumphant moments. They conclude that without their bottom of the barrel “flour moments” that taste awful, they would have never been able to have their sweet tasting cake (and it eat it too)!

🙁For a lot of us in basketball, we are in a season of flour moments, maybe you are a coach that just lost your job, a player that was asked to leave the program, or an upperclassman that had their spot taken by a newcomer. 

🙌🏾Whatever your flour moment is, make sure you hold on to this, dark days are merely a distasteful, but necessary ingredient in God’s recipe to allow us to reach our destiny. While we would prefer not to go through them, we have to acknowledge that there’s a purpose in pain, a reason it’s rough, and we must trust that today’s times of toughness will be tomorrow’s testimony. Flour doesn’t taste good, but it’s going to contribute to making one heckuva cake. Stay committed to allowing God’s recipe to be completed knowing that to reach our potential; we must be “finished lacking nothing” as it states in James 1:4.