👿Last week with his team down 3 points in a semifinal game Marial Shayok took over. 

👌🏾He broke the game open with two clutch 3’s.

His 3’s took Iowa State from trailing by three to winning by three points. The last of the clutch three’s was most impressive.

😴Shayok was not given much space by the defender despite that, he sized him up, rocked him to sleep and got his feet set quickly for a well contested 3 from the wing. The shot bounced around the rim multiple times before falling in.

🍀Many, may conclude that Shayok got the “lucky bounce,” or that he just threw up a prayer and was lucky to connect. 

❗️That’s not the case, no one works harder at their game in college basketball than Marial Shayok. 

🌱 Proverbs 20:4 tells us, “A farmer too lazy to plant in the spring has nothing to harvest in the fall.” Simply put for us hoopers, if you are too lazy to put in focused and urgent work from May - September, don’t you dare expect your one shining moment in March!

😤Shayok works on his game morning, noon and night. His focus and work ethic are uncommon, which is why his game is. He had a March Madness energy about working on his game from May - October, so his success is a shock to no one who knows him, and the same can be true for us if we go after our pursuits in life with the same type of energy.