🚫As hoopers, we can’t get upset when we get looked off by the player with the ball if we are not shot ready!

‼️If the person with the ball is smart, they know that the chances of you scoring decrease significantly if you are not prepared before the ball comes your way.

‼️🥺I can’t help but feel convicted wondering how many times in life God, who controls my life refuses to swing blessings my way because I’m not prepared beforehand to receive the blessing.

📢It goes without saying, God, like any playmaker and decision maker, can determine if I have done my preparation work beforehand to ensure I will get buckets with the blessings He passes my way.

⏳If you get some time read Acts 16: 16 - 40, for now, I’ll share two passages with you;

📖Acts 16:25 NLT“Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening.”

📖Acts 16:35-36 NLT “The next morning the city officials sent the police to tell the jailer, “Let those men go!” So the jailer told Paul, “The city officials have said you and Silas are free to leave. Go in peace.”

🔑Paul and Silas provide us a great example of being “shot ready,” expecting God to bless them up, despite their harsh circumstances. As a result, despite being beaten, embarrassed and wrongfully jailed they were not only freed, they were provided a public apology, and most importantly they influenced others to follow God. 

🚨Much like us on the court, they would have never succeeded had they not been ready beforehand (v.25)!