😉On every team there are always two players that play “brother in law ball,” that’s when two players link up in practice and agree to take it easy when they are matched up with each other. 

🤪The good news for those players is that practice is gone be a breeezzzeee big fella, while the other players on the team are being pushed to their limits. 

🔦The bad news is when game time comes those players are not ready to shine when the bright lights come on and do their thing on the big stage.

💡In our journey through life, God is preparing each of us to shine on His big stage and do His thing through us when the bright lights are on us. 

🤞🏾To do that, we must refuse to rock with those that will play “brother in law ball” with us and allow us to settle for less.

👊🏾Instead, we need to search for friends that will, as it states in 📖Luke 17:3 The Message (MSG) “Be alert. If you see your friend going wrong, correct him. If he responds, forgive him.”