🏆My mom has championship standards for her cakes and pies during the holidays.

🎂She knows that when she bakes a cake for the first time that it’s not going to be championship ready (ready to serve to the fam during the holidays)

📓When she bakes a cake, and it’s not championship worthy, she views it at as an L, however not the L you are thinking about. She sees it as a lesson and not a loss!

‼️Each time she bakes, and it’s not quite championship worthy she views it as an opportunity to determine what ingredients need to be added to make her cake championship ready.

🥇When the Holidays come, and dessert is served my mom knows she’s going to meet her championship expectations, because of the championship process she subscribed to!

👊🏾Who knew?! My mom, who has never played competitive sports in her life, has the blueprint to ensure we achieve championship moments in sports and in life:

         👉🏾Realize you have championship potential, and set championship standards.

👉🏾Understand being a champion is not going to happen on the first try, it’s a focused process.

👉🏾Every time you fall short of being a champion, don’t get discouraged, get determined, and just figure out what ingredients need to be added to take a step towards being a champion. 

❓So, the question is, have you learned what needs to be added from your lessons, on the court, and in life?

🔑I’ll leave you with this nugget;

📢There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.When you don’t learn the lesson, you have to repeat the process until the lesson is learned. Once the lesson is learned, behavior is changed, which leads to a change in results.

*👀If my mom did not learn her lessons during the process, she’d run the risk of falling short during her holiday dinner, and the same goes for you as you pursue whatever your championships are!