⏪Yesterday I wrote about God’s dreams scaring the crap out of you. I know what I’m speaking because itt happened to me just as it did Jacob in Genesis 28:12 - 16!

🔟10 years ago I had my mind set on climbing up the college coaching ladder, I was at a small college and had a safe job and had a safe dream.

😱God replaced my safe and comfortable dream with a dream that terrified me! He led me to start a player development program and no longer pursue coaching in college (Genesis 28:12-13).

😞At the time I had no high-level experience developing players, no money, no permanent home, no facility, and no clients!

🤞🏿In the midst of my freighted state through the Holy Spirit, God assured me that He, “The God of Abraham, Issac and many others was with me too(Genesis 28:13).”

🙌🏾He then assured me that He created me to follow my dream and that I needed to follow through with it because He was going to anoint my gifts as a basketball trainer to transform basketball players to not just be better players but be better people. He convinced me that my dream was bigger than me and that if I quit on my dream, I was quitting on His children(Genesis 28:14).

🧗🏽‍♂️Despite my fear, I continued on, and God knew I was afraid, so He assured me, just as He did Jacob that. “He’d stay with me, He’d protect me, and He’d stick with me until He’s done everything He promised me(Genesis28:15).”

‼️Here we are years later, and God’s done everything He said He’d do and more, He over delivered on His promise, and I don’t think He’s done yet(Genesis 28:15).

💪I share my personal story with you not to brag about myself, but to boast about God. Also, to encourage you to follow those big dreams despite your fears, because I’m no better than you; I’m flawed, I have fears, and I fall, despite that God favored my big dreams, just like HE has done, is doing and will continue to do for you!