🎵“I’ve been down so long, it look like up to me - They look up to me. I got fake people showin’ fake love to me, straight up to my face, straight up to my face.”

🗣I feel you Drake!

🌊In the world we live in today, both athletically and otherwise, it seems fake love is the new wave.

🚫🌊God’s word assures us that we ought not be on the fake love wave. He expects we give our teammates, in life and in sport REAL LOVE!

‼️ In 1 John 3:18, He says don’t:

👀Shout your teammate out on IG when they go for 30, yet go ghost when they get benched. That’s that fake love!

👀Coach, don’t invest in a relationship with player-A, because he’s an all-conference player, yet go weeks without speaking to player-B because he’s not producing on the court. That’s that (conditional) fake love!

👀Don’t tweet out your teammate is the bro or sis, or that the player you coach is like a son or daughter, yet the second their eligibility is exhausted your energy changes up. That’s that fake love!

📖1 John 3:18 (NLT) Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.

💭Power thought: If your love ain’t real don’t bring it this way, because I’m allergic to fake love, so I must avoid it all cost. I assume you have the same condition, so out of respect for your (spiritual, mental and emotional) health, I will either, give you real love, or no love at all.